14/08/2014 12:53 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Mum On Murder Charge After Giving Birth In Bar Toilet And Leaving Baby In Cistern

A 26-year-old woman has been charged with murder in Pennsylvania after allegedly killing her newborn baby in the toilet of a sports bar, before returning to the bar to smoke and watch TV.

Amanda Catherine Hein was said to have dumped the baby in the toilet cistern after suffocating him after his birth.

She then returned to the bar area of the Starters Pub and carried on enjoying her evening with her male companions. She is reported to have smoked a cigarette and watched pay-per-view wrestling for around an hour after the incident.

She was arrested after the baby was found wrapped in a rubbish bag and hidden in the tank of the toilet by a cleaner the following day.

Hein is said to have had known she was pregnant for months but did not tell anyone. She delivered the baby on her own in the bar's toilets, and said she was fine when her friends asked about the blood on her clothes when she returned from the lavatories.

After the baby was discovered, she was tracked down by the police when they found blood stains in the booth that had been reserved at the bar by her friends.

ABC Local news say she was charged on August 18, and that she admitted she had given birth in the pub toilets.

The Lehigh Valley Express-Times reports that an autopsy found that the little boy was healthy and full-term before being suffocated.

If found guilty of murder, Hein could face the death penalty.

District Attorney John Morganelli said he could 'not get inside' her head or explain her motive, adding that it had been upsetting to see the dead baby.