14/08/2014 12:52 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Mum-To-Be Craved Sponge And Sand Sandwiches

Mum-to-be craved sponge and sand sandwiches

Pickled onions, gherkins, Roast Beef Monster Munch... just a few of the things women have been known to crave during pregnancy - and even a spot of coal chomping and tyre licking isn't unheard of, either.

But mum-to-be Kelly-Marie Pearce's cravings were truly off the 'weird' scale!

Kelly-Marie, 28, munched her way through sarnies made of washing-up sponges and sand while pregnant with her two children, Lucian, now four, and baby Lola, seven months.

The Sun reports that the taste-bud challenged mum's desire for sand first came about when she watched her mother-in-law changing her pet parrot's cage lining when she was pregnant with Lucian.

Kelly-Marie said that seeing the sand in the bottom of the cage made her twig what it was she had been craving for months.

Shortly after, Kelly-Marie was having a relaxing soak and became overcome with desire to nibble her bath sponge - but was disappointed when it didn't quite hit the spot.

"I then found washing up sponges more satisfying. I'd dip them in play sand or make sandwiches out of them - with a sand filling," she said.

And her food fetishes soon came back when she found out she was expecting for a second time.

"I thought it was just a one-off craving while I was carrying Lucian. But when I fell pregnant with Lola it all started up again," she said.

"Sometimes I'd go through a packet of sponges in a day. It got to an embarrassing stage where I couldn't go anywhere without taking sand or sponges with me."

Her husband Damian, 31, said Kelly's mad meals worried him - but both their babies were born fit and healthy.

Her docs eventually diagnosed her with Pica - an eating disorder which causes weird food cravings.

Once Kelly-Marie delivered her babies, sand and sponges were straight off the menu.

"It was only while I was pregnant. I have normal sandwiches now," she said.

Can you beat that?!

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