14/08/2014 16:57 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

Nappy Change Shock! New Mum Sues After Hospital Sent Her Home With Baby BOY Instead Of Her Newborn GIRL

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'Baby is not happy with something in his world. What could it be Hungry, sleepy, cold, discomfort'

A new mum is suing a hospital after she took home a baby BOY instead of the daughter she gave birth to.

Lorena Mazzi, 27, was thrilled when she took home the newborn she thought was her new baby.

But when she went to change the infant's nappy for the first time, she discovered that her 'she' was a 'he'.

To add to her horror, she found out that staff at the Italian maternity hospital, Santa Caterina Novella di Lecce Hospital in Galatina, Lecce, had swapped her own daughter and handed her over to another couple.

Now Lorena is suing hospital authorities for £40,000 compensation because she claims the shock of what has happened as left her unable to produce breast milk, according to reports.

Director General of the local health agency ASL in Lecce Valdo Mellone said it was the first time such a mistake had happened.

He said: "We have apologised to the parents, and we are evaluating where we made the mistake so that we can fix it. We have not been able to pinpoint the precise moment when things went wrong."

It was reported that the mistake could have been avoided if the full checks were carried out before the parents left with the newborn.

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