Nicolas Cage Becomes A Grandfather At 50

Nicolas Cage is celebrating the birth of his first grandchild - a boy called Lucian Augustus Coppola Cage.

The 50-year-old actor's son Weston Cage, 23, and his wife, Danielle, welcomed their baby at 3.14pm on Tuesday, July 1.

The couple say they chose their son's names to reflect his heritage and honour members of his family.

'"Lucian is of Romanian descent, which is what I am," Danielle explained to Us Weekly. "And Augustus is taken from Weston's grandfather."

Weston added: "We honor my grandfather, August very much. He was of extreme brilliance. He was a genius." According to our baby names finder, Lucian means 'light' and Augustus means 'dignity' or 'grandeur'. Lucian is a variation of the name Luke - which oddly enough is the name of the comic book superhero - Luke Cage - that inspired Nicolas's choice of acting name (he was born Nicolas Coppola).

Earlier this year, Weston and Danielle spoke about Nicolas's reaction when he learned he was soon to become a grandfather.

"My dad is ecstatic," said Weston, who is Nicolas's son from a previous relationship with Christina Fulton. "He was elated immediately when he met Danielle."

There is just an eight year age gap between baby Lucian and his youngest uncle, Kal-El, who is Nicolas's son with his wife of 10 years Alice Kim, 40.

2014 has been a bumper year for celebrity grandparents. Chris Evans is expecting his first grandchild, Ronnie Wood has welcomed his eighth, and Mick Jagger has become a great-grandfather!