Old Woman Tries To Adopt Newborn Baby She Found Abandoned On Rubbish Tip

An elderly woman has applied to adopt a baby she found abandoned and crying on a rubbish tip as she took a shortcut from work.

When Kamila Musabekova, 69, heard crying coming from a box she thought it was a stray dog.

But when she investigated, she found a newborn baby boy crammed inside.

The child was completely naked and covered in blood. The mother-of-one wrapped the baby in her scarf and rushed him to her home in Almaty, Kazakhstan, where she called a doctor.

She has now launched an appeal to find the mother of the boy – who she has named Chingiz.

Kamila said she had decided to walk through the dump by chance on her way home from work.

She said: "I usually walk along the road but I just wanted to take a shortcut simply because it was so cold. I heard the noise and was convinced it was an abandoned puppy. When I opened the box there was a tiny baby boy lying there naked, without even a blanket.

"The was blood on him and on the box because he obviously just been born.My heart went out to the little child. I am a mother myself and when I saw this little youngster I felt the same as when I first saw my own children after they were born.

"I wrapped him in a scarf and rushed him home where I called the doctor. He told me that the baby was unharmed but that had he been left there very long he would not have survived."

Desperate to ensure the little boy is given a good life, Kamila applied to adopt him, but was rejected because of her age.

She has now persuaded her son and his wife to file an application to bring the child into the family.

They will have to wait three months to give the biological mother a chance to come forward.