Overweight Babies Enter Weight-Loss Rehab

Two of the fattest babies in Colombia have gone into weight-loss rehab together in a bid to save their lives.

At just 10 months old, Santiago Mendoza and Isabela Caicedo tip the scales at an incredible six-and-a-half stone combined.

The severely overweight babies were brought together by Colombian charity Gorditos de Corazon, which works with weight-loss specialists.

Earlier this year the foundation came to Santiago's rescue after his mother was unable to deal with his insatiable appetite.

At eight months old, Santiago weighed more than three stone and his life hung in the balance.

Now the foundation has brought his weight-gain under control, and hopes to see signs of improvement in the coming months.

After seeing Santiago on television, Isabela's mother Niyered Martinez also contacted the foundation for help.

She said: "In the first few months Isabela pestered me all the time - she didn't sleep, she was just eating and eating. We started to try to regulate her food intake but she wasn't losing any weight."

Since meeting the foundation's director, Salvador Palacio, and working with a team of health specialists, Isabela has lost nearly 3.5lb.

Salvador said: "We hope with six to eight months using a special diet the babies could be down to a normal weight.

"Thousands of children in Colombia - and millions around the world - suffer with obesity. From Colombia we have formed an international alliance to help people who are overweight."

Source: Barcroft.

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