14/08/2014 16:45 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

Primark 'Cry For Help' Scandal: Note From Chinese Prisoner Allegedly Found In Trouser Pocket

A Northern Ireland shopper claims to have discovered a shocking "cry for help" message in a pair of Primark trousers she bought in Belfast in 2011.

The news comes after two other shoppers came forward with garments including hand-stitched labels apparently describing the "sweat shop" conditions workers are forced to endure.

Karen Wisinska from County Fermanagh in Northern Ireland took her story to Amnesty International.

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According to the organisation's website, the handwritten note appealing for help was wrapped around a prison identity card. The writer claimed to be a prisoner in the Xiang Nan Prison in China's Hubei Province who was forced to work 15 hours a day.

Translated into English by Amnesty International, the note allegedly reads: "SOS! SOS! SOS! We are prisoners in the Xiang Nan Prison of the Hubei Province in China.

"Our job inside the prison is to produce fashion clothes for export. We work 15 hours per day and the food we eat wouldn't even be given to dogs or pigs. We work as hard as oxen in the field.

"We call on the international community to condemn the Chinese government for the violation of our human rights!"

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Karen explained she bought the garment in the Primark store in Belfast city centre in June 2011 but said she only discovered the note tucked into a trouser pocket this week when she found the item at the back of her wardrobe.

"I was shocked to find this note and card inside the trousers from Primark and even more shocked to discover that it appears to have been made under slave labour conditions in a Chinese prison.

"I am only sorry that I did not discover the note when I first purchased the clothing - then I could have brought this scandal to light much earlier."

The news comes as two Swansea-based shopper discovered apparent "cries for help" hand-stitched on labels sewn into their Primark purchases.

According to the South Wales Evening Post, Rebecca Jones tweeted a picture of the hand sewn label which read: "'Degrading' sweatshop conditions," just days after another shopper came forward with her find.

Earlier this week, the high street favourite took to Twitter to address the issue: "We are currently investigating the origins of an additional label which has been found in one of our dresses."

However, this wasn't good enough for some and one Twitter user posted: "Yeah right @Primark investigating for real. Did u have to wait till a label exposed further what slavery goes on in those factories #primark" and another saying: "@Primark if you can afford to charge £10 for dress of course someone is being exploited. I blame your customers too."

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