Prince George's HAIR Crowned World's Best Baby Barnet

Prince George's crowning glory has been named the world's best baby barnet.

Yes, the crown that is to wear the crown has been crowned!

The Prince's HAIR beat Beyoncé and Jay Z's daughter, Blue Ivy, as well as Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's daughter, North West, to the top spot. carried out the survey and revealed that a quarter of voters admired baby George's hair the most.

Blue Ivy Carter wasn't far behind with 17 per cent, followed closely by North West's locks.

David and Victoria Beckham's daughter Harper made the list, coming in at fourth place with her goldilocks.

Simon Cowell and Lauren Silverman's baby son, Eric, came in next at fifth place.

One respondent said: "Prince George has to win purely because he's Prince George. He could be bald and I'd still vote for him to have the best hair."

Another added: "Blue Ivy Carter is clearly her mother's daughter as she oozes glamour already. It's hard to believe she's only two-years-old but yet she's more fashionable than I'll ever be."

A spokesperson for said: "Those who completed the survey definitely have it right when it comes to the top spot. George has to win, not only because he's the future King of England, but because he is just so cute.

"I'm sure that his soft locks will perfectly complement his future crown."

Top Ten Baby Barnets

Prince George – 25 per cent

Blue Ivy Carter- 17 per cent

North West- 15 per cent

Harper Beckham- 14 per cent

Eric Cowell- 10 per cent

Elijah Furnish John- 8 per cent

Penelope Disick- 5 per cent

Milan Pique Mebarak- 3 per cent

Tennessee James Toth- 2 per cent

Mia Tindall- 1 per cent

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