14/08/2014 12:44 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

Proof Quotes From Mean Girls Don't Go Down Well On Clothes

Australian fashion brand Cotton On has cancelled an entire clothing and accessories line featuring the slogan "You Can't Sit With Us" following concerns the sentiment promotes bullying.

You know, that infamous quote from Mean Girls? The phrase used when someone breaks the rules and wears sweatpants on a Monday. That.

After several complaints on Twitter and Facebook, plus comments from consumers threatening to boycott the store, Cotton On have removed all items with the phrase from its collections.

Admittedly, "You Can't Sit With Us" is mega bitchy and may encourage kids to use the term in school for real, but it's tongue in cheek - classic Regina George and the Plastics.

Greer McCracken, a spokeswoman for the brand, said: "The product range has been voluntarily withdrawn from sale, pending a formal investigation.

"This is a business underpinned by a sound moral and ethical code. The Cotton On Group does not condone bullying on any level and takes matters such as this very seriously."

You just have to look on any social media platform to see the slogan is literally EVERYWHERE. It's the biggest meme on the scene right now - just enter the #YouCantSitWithUs into Instagram and you'll get a mega 310,710 results.

And Cotton On are not the only brand to jump on the bandwagon - you can literally buy anything with this slogan across the front: babygros, phone cases, clutch bags, t-shirts, beanies, mugs, jumpers. That said, Cotton On taking the anti-bitching stance is probably a wise mood.

We'll never not love this movie though. You go Glen Coco!

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