14/08/2014 16:50 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Royal Baby News: Kate And William Receive A Finnish Box Of Baby Essentials For Their Newborn

Why Finland's newborns start life sleeping in a cardboard box

When the Royal baby arrives, changing his or her nappy may be easier thanks to a gift to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have received from the Finnish government.

They have been sent a cardboard box of essentials, including bodysuits, nappies and breastpads - and even condoms – and then the box itself can be used as a safe, secure crib for the new arrival.

According to the BBC, the service is a tradition in Finland and is said to have helped the country achieve one of the world's lowest infant mortality rates.

A spokeswoman for Finland's social services, Kela, said: "Kela wanted to congratulate the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge."

Kensington Palace has confirmed that the parents-to-be received the box last week.

"We were delighted to receive the very kind gift of the maternity package from the Finnish government. It was a very thoughtful gesture and we're very grateful for it," says a Kensington Palace spokesman.

"I'm sure the Duke and Duchess will be very interested to see the contents."

The Finnish box is a tradition that dates back to the 1930s and it's designed to give all children in Finland, no matter what background they're from, an equal start in life.

Mothers have a choice between taking the box, or a cash grant, currently set at 140 euros, but 95VIRTUAL-Gallery-188568VIRTUAL-SkimlinksPromo%