This Is The Powerpoint From HELL

This Is The Powerpoint From HELL

A startup CEO has created the Powerpoint presentation from hell.

It has 1,284 slides.

And he made it for his 30th birthday.

Spotted by ValleyWag, the presentation was created by entrepreneur Ryan Allis to "give back" his accrued life experience and advice in one handy, easy to read collection of optimism, charts and graphs which if it was printed on A4 would have a surface area of eight square kilometers.

Understandably the deck -- which is characterised by a certain Silicon Valley-style view of the world -- has been torn apart on social media. On the other hand, Allis is incredibly successful, having sold his own startup for $170 million and served as a national co-chairperson of Technology for Obama. If you want to go a similar route (with all that entails) you could probably do worse that plough through this deck... as long as your life goal is to essential become Ryan Allis. Otherwise we recommend listening to Andrew WK's 'I Get Wet', which makes most of the same points in a 30-minute album containing a total of about 20 different words.

Anyway, the slideshow, titled "Lessons From My 20s", can be read in full below.

Some of the highlights include:

  • Advising potential mentor-ees to Fedex letters to their targets, because "important people like opening Fedex packages".

  • Advice on how to be a Jedi ("a highly competent, super-connected and deeply compassionate soul"
  • Avoiding "random" friends who hold you back into an "ordinary" life
  • Listing "deepen relationship with Nadia" as sixth on his list of OneYear Goals
  • Allis's bucket list, which includes being a guest on the Daily Show and going to space
  • Before You Go