14/08/2014 12:40 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

Six Things That Happen When... You Dip Dye Your Hair A Crazy Colour

When you dip dye your hair a crazy colour you open yourself up to a whole new world of rainbow-haired glory. Not to mention the really weird looks from strangers.

It's a real case of swings and roundabouts. On the one hand you look like the coolest person to ever grace the earth and on the other, people (friends, family, colleagues) will question your motives to colour your hair in every shade under the sun.

dip dye hair

After successfully dying and subsequently staining my hair purple, blue, pink and green, I've had first hand experience of what it's really like to look like you've gone "bobbing for apples in kool-aid". I wish I could claim that as my own remark but it is in fact something that one of my pals (I use the term lightly) said to me during my ventures in blue tips.

So here are six things that come part and parcel with dip dying your hair with crazy colour...

1. People stare. If you don't want people ogling you on the train then do yourself a favour and don't dye your hair a "crazy colour" because people will look at you. A lot.

2. Showers are a nightmare. Every time a drop of water touches your hair the colour leaks out of it which will stains your skin, the shower tray, the grouting and the bath mat. When I was sporting a bright blue dip dye it looked like a Smurf had been brutally murdered every time I exited the bathroom.

3. You become addicted to Instagram. If you don't already live on Instagram you certainly will after dying your hair every colour of the rainbow. It's a fabulous place to scroll through reams and reams of colourful hair selfies for inspiration. You just know you'll get loads of likes if you upload a snap of your newly half pink hair along with the hashtag #rainbowhairdontcare.

4. Meeting strangers is easier than ever. Meeting new people can be quite stressful and sometimes you find yourself in the middle of an awkward silence when neither party can think of a single word to say. When you've got a colourful dip dye your hair does all the talking for you. Well, at least it gets other people talking. Plus there's nothing like meeting a stranger for a lunch date and being able to say, "I'll be the one with the purple hair."

5. You ruin all your bed linen. In the same vain as point two, you will find your white 180 thread count Egyptian cotton bedsheets completely destroyed by the residue left behind by your barnet... And there was you thinking mascara was a total bitch to get out of your pillowcases.

6. You'll want to get rid of the colour asap. You can get sick of a colour as quickly as you fall in love with it. That's where washing up liquid and tomato ketchup come in. These kitchen essentials will soon find their way onto your head in a desperate bid to wash out any unwanted colour.

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