14/08/2014 16:35 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Taking A Makeup Break: Why It's Worth It

The idea of not wearing makeup is a difficult one for many girls to handle. Whether it's a dependence on concealer or an obsession with mascara, makeup is a mask - a mask that can make us look and feel better about ourselves.

While there's nothing unusual about being attached to maquillage, how many of us are prepared to go without makeup every once in a while?

More importantly, is giving up on foundation, blusher and the rest even worth it?


The answer (that some girls might not want to hear) is yes. Skincare expert Sarah Chapman explains.

"If you are using long-wearing make up, it is good to give your skin a breather as these products tend to be formulated in a way that can adhere to the skin," she told us.

"Often this can build up and cause blockages so it's a good idea to use masks regularly and have some time that you do not wear the makeup."

This begs the question - how long should a makeup-break last? Chapman suggests "two days minimum".

The longer the better, but two days is manageable - especially if it's going to make our skin more radiant in the long run. And if you can't face going completely bare-faced? Try using lightweight products and reduce the amount of products you put on your skin.


It's also important to keep the skin cleansed throughout any no makeup period. "Use clay masks to draw out impurities and use steam – either a steam room or warm bath to help steam the pores," says Chapman.

So - giving up makeup? It's worth it, for your skin's sake and it just so happens that celebrating natural beauty is a big trend for Spring/Summer 2014 (top makeup artist Lucia Pieroni told us so). Hurrah!

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