14/08/2014 16:48 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Teen Girl Eats 30 Miles Of Noodles Every Year

Teen girl eats 30 miles of noodles every year (but they're only 11p a packet!)

A teenage girl is so potty about noodles she eats 30 miles of the stuff every year.

Georgi Readman, 18, suffers from Selective Eating Disorder which means she can't bring herself to eat other foods because she is scared of being sick.

The only benefit of her strange affliction is that it's cheap: the oodles of noodles she eats cost just 11p per packet!

Georgi, from Shanklin, Isle of Wight, is 5ft 3in tall and weighs just seven stone. She lives on a diet of nine packets of M Savers chicken noodles from Morrisons each week.

She doesn't like other brands because some of them have green flavouring. She often eats two packets in one go and has an entire kitchen cupboard filled with her supplies.

The teenager also occasionally eats potatoes and small bits of chicken. Georgi got hooked on noodles when she was five after watching her brother Jason, now aged 25, eat them.

She said: "I just love noodles. Mum goes to the supermarket and brings back as many packets as she can afford. Luckily they're only 11p.

"I always fancy noodles and could easily eat two packets at once. I've even eaten them dry and uncooked before.

"I can eat other noodles but I would have to sieve them to get rid off all the horrible green bits."

But Georgi's food obsession has left her so malnourished that her doctor thought she had leukemia and told her she had the health of an 80-year-old woman.

She said: "I have such a big issue with fruit or veg because I hate the texture.

"When I try and eat it I go into panic and get the sweats, and then start heaving when I try to swallow.

"I can't go round my friends' for dinner or go out for meals with them because I don't want them to see me freak out if the side salad touches the stuff I do eat.

"I hate having to put up with this all day everyday. My dream is to eat healthily and put on weight."

Hairdressing student Georgi said that she has always been a fussy eater - but started consuming a diet of noodles when she was aged seven.

After several visits to her doctor, Georgi was finally referred to a specialist for cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT).

CBT taught Georgi that her eating disorder can be traced back to when she was eight and suffered from food poisoning on holiday.

She said: "I was so ill that I was collapsing on the train home. It was so bad that I was nearly hospitalised. Since then I've been really afraid of being sick and that's why I can only eat certain things."

To raise awareness about her condition Georgi wants others to know her SED has had devastating effects on her health and career. She suffers from a severe lack of energy and a fragile immune system.