14/08/2014 16:48 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

The Best Of Both? Mum Finds Strange Hovis Loaf

The best of both? Mum finds Hovis loaf with each slice half white and half brown

Someone at Hovis wasn't using their loaf when they made this pack of bread.

A mum unwrapped it to find her white loaf was a mixture of brown and white bread - topped off with a gooey centre.


Mother of four Susie Hirschler, 58, bought the white Hovis loaf during her weekly shop at Tesco in Crawley, West Sussex.

When her daughter Isabella, 17, unwrapped it, each loaf was white at the top, and brown at the bottom.

Isabella and sister Madeleine, 21, tried the loaf and were unimpressed with the taste.

"Isabella said it tasted strange so I had a piece and it tasted horrible," said Madeleine. "There was sticky stuff in the middle as though someone had glued both pieces together. It definitely was not white bread as it said on the packet.

"It was certainly something we had never seen before. Mum took the loaf back to Tesco and they said they'd send it off to Hovis but we've kept a couple of slices in the freezer."

A Hovis spokesman said: "This loaf has been combined with a piece of dough from the previous mix. We want to assure the customer that the greatest care is exercised during the baking process to help prevent such occurrences. We will make our production staff aware of this occurrence to help minimise the chances of it happening again."

Susie was offered a replacement loaf when she returned the bread to the same Tesco store.

Still, not as bad a dead mouse in your cereal, eh?