14/08/2014 12:32 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

The DIY Pedicure: How To Pamper Your Feet At Home

Ever had that feeling when you know your feet aren't really fit for public viewing, but it's mid summer and those brand new sandals just need to be worn? You're not the only one.

Whether booking a pedicure has slipped down the to-do list or you just can't think of anything worse than letting a stranger handle your feet in the salon, the easiest and quickest solution to shame-free toes and heels is a pampering session at home. (Rose petals aren't essential).


Painting toe nails in a fresh new colour is easy enough, but when it comes to the tough stuff such as removing hard skin and repairing cracked heels, where do you start? Expert podiatrist, Margaret Dabbs, gave us a few pointers.

"Start by using a foot file on dry skin once a week at home", Dabbs told us. "The most common mistake is to file hard skin while your feet are in water. When feet are wet, it's harder to see what areas need filing. Plus cracked feet can split in water which can be painful and lead to infection".

Technique matters too. "Always file hard areas such as big toes and heels in soft strokes towards the underneath of your foot. If you file upwards, you will be left with a ridge. For the best foot filing always file in the direction of the middle of your foot".

And what about products? "Always use a quality foot oil or lotion which penetrates deep into the skin to provide long lasting moisture. Don't be tempted to use body lotion, as it won't benefit the thicker skin on your feet. Look for one with anti-bacterial ingredients, such as tea tree oil, lemon and rosemary".

So - ready to show off your perfectly polished feet? Shop our pick of the best foot-friendly products to use at home: