This Baby Really Loves Reading! (Video)

This adorable video of a baby in fits of giggles while being read a story proves that a love of books can begin at a very young age.

Most children love settling down to read a bedtime story with their mum or dad, but no one likes reading quite as much as nine-month-old Jack.

He can't contain his delighted giggles and squeals of happiness as his dad reads such classic lines as:

"Blue hat, green hat, red hat... oops."

It's impossible not to get caught up in Jack's laughter as he finds each page funnier than the last.

Since being shared on YouTube by America's Funniest Home videos on July 1, the clip has been viewed more than 150,00 times and has elicited comments such as:

"No sweeter sound in the world than a baby's laugh. I defy anyone to watch this and keep a straight face!" wrote Tanya Hays.

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Want to know what Jack's finding so funny? Well he's being read a book called Blue Hat, Green Hat by Sandra Boynton, which is described on the back cover as: 'serious silliness for all ages.'

And Sandra is tickled pink by Jack's reaction to her picture book:

"Jack, I have to say this is the best review I've ever gotten for any of my books. Thank you!" she commented on YouTube.

In case you suspect that Jack is the type of baby who would laugh at anything, his mum, Mary Haberkorn, was quick to point out that her son has a very discerning funny bone:

"I love that our Jack is bringing such joy to so many people! We love him too! I think the best part is that he actually doesn't laugh that much," she wrote.

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