14/08/2014 12:42 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

This Week You Should Try: Babyliss Brilliant Shine Ionic Brush

Brushing my hair was definitely something I was forced into doing growing up. Taming my long, dark, frizzy tresses was no biggie - I just didn't care.

Then the "well you're getting it cut short like a boy," line from my mum made me re-think things. I started brushing and straightening religiously. GHD's were my everything and I became a sucker for every serum in the land.

Poker straight, silky-smooth is now my thing but it's not always so attainable (oh, to justify a Brazilian Blow Out every month!) And what about the imminent do-destroying downpours?

Well, I've stumbled across a little bit if magic - and I'm telling everyone I know about it. Heads up ladies, because the BaByliss Brilliant Shine Ionic Brush is a thing of actual wonder. There's nothing more thrilling than finding a piece of beauty kit that really works and this totally does.

It may look like a bog standard brush but whip in a couple of AAA batteries, slide the switch to "on", take a few strokes through your barnet and notice just how incredibly soft your hair feels.

How does it work? The fancy inbuilt ionic generator releases conditioning ions directly into the hair which remove frizz and add a whole lot of glossy-ness to your look. It's all about the ions, baby.

I've been using this little gem for a week and I'm pretty smitten with it (spoiler: it's forever in my handbag). Buy up this Babyliss brush and guaranteed it'll be £30 well spent.

Babyliss Brilliant Shine Ionic Brush is available at and Argos.

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