14/08/2014 12:31 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

This Week You Should Try... Holiday Get Go At Dolphin Square Spa

Ever had that pre-holiday feeling of having too much to do, with so little time? When there's packing to be done, toe-nails to be painted and waxing to endure before you step foot on a beach, things would be so much easier if all that body beautifying could be done in one place, in under two hours.

As I'm about to escape on my summer break, I have been searching for a spa that offers exactly that. Then I heard about the Holiday Get Go package at London's Dolphin Square Spa...


The spa's summer package includes the Arabian Nights Manicure or Arabian Nights Pedicure plus two areas waxing and an eyebrow tint, all for £90. Compared to other spas, this is what can only be described as a steal. And it doesn't take up a whole afternoon either.

As I assumed, wrongly, the treatment might take up hours, I booked the pedicure plus a wax and I was in and out within just over an hour. I even had time to read most of Pippa Middleton's guide to Wimbledon in this month's Vanity Fair (I now know how to eat strawberries) and enjoy two cups of Moroccan mint tea, with almonds and dates on the side. Random? No - the spa uses authentic Moroccan Hammam and Rhassoul rituals in each treatment and these refreshments are provided to keep your energy levels up. A delicious and thoughtful touch.


My treatment started with a short and mostly pain-free wax session (best to get the worst bit over first), followed by a 45-minute pedicure. My nails were filed, feet exfoliated and moisturised before the nail polish came out - all in the comfort of the world's biggest leather chair with another cup of mint tea to enjoy. It was bliss. Aside from the fact that my pastel pink toe nails looked the best they have so far this summer, I left feeling surprisingly satisfied. I'd just ticked off two pre-holiday tasks off my list.

To find out more about the Holiday Get Go offer and other treatments, visit Dolphin Square Spa.