TV And Film Babies All Grown Up

Ever wondered what the baby stars of classic films, such as Labyrinth, Ghostbusters, Superman and The Godfather look like now they're all grown up?

After learning that the twin girls who played the role of baby Mary in Three Men and a Baby are now 27 (!) we began to wonder what became of the other tiny stars who appeared in some of our favourite films before disappearing from the limelight.

Most of these babies have no memory of their time spent hobnobbing with the likes of David Bowie, Christina Ricci, Jennifer Connelly and Bill Murray. However, many of them ensured they would always be remembered by their famous co-stars by engaging in method acting techniques during scenes that required them to cry or wee!

Mum-of-three Emma East knows all too well about baby actors creating scene stealing moments, as her twin daughters Isobel and Sophie play the role of baby Katie in BBC comedy series Rev alongside Olivia Coleman and Tom Hollander.

"Rice cakes were a saviour throughout the filming," Emma told us. "It kept the babies happy, but there was one scene where Olivia was holding Sophie and she was trying to deliver a line, but Sophie keeps interrupting by shoving rice cakes in her mouth. We did laugh about it.

"It was fascinating because you don't often get to see behind the scenes of a show you really like. I looked forward to going to work and the babies, for the most part, loved the attention and stimulation."

Read more about Emma's experiences with our exclusive interview.

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