Twins: Funny Video Shows The Reality Of Multiples At Bedtime

Proud – if not exhausted – parent of twins? Here's one just for you.

Norwegian mum Henriette Jonassen has singled-handedly (although judging by her video she could do with an extra two or three pairs) summed up life with twins in this brilliant video.

The clip shows Henriette trying – and failing – to put her toddler twin boys, Leon and Nathaniel, to bed.

She shared the video online with a message explaining her plight:

"I've been struggling with getting my twins asleep for a few weeks now (due to extremely hot weather and long, sunny days), and I've tried different methods. This one was definitely the worst one! But it gave me a good laugh tho.

"And BTW: they have always shared room, I just thought I'd try something different for a few days, and it turned out to be a bad idea."

Story continues after the video

Naturally, given the popularity of Henriette's video, some idiots people have spouted a fair bit of rubbish about her parenting skills – which of course we learn all about from one funny video clip...

Writing on her blog, Twin Wins, Henriette addressed the negative comments, explaining:

"What I want to achieve, is to tell you that I'm not a bad mom. I'd do anything for my children, I really would. I will tell you about my bedtime routine, since so many people are commenting negative stuff about it.

"After they have taken a fairly long shower and brushed their teeth, I put them in their beds. They have always shared a room, the only exception was in the video – because I tried a new method, and it didn't work out. And yes, they do have blinds in their windows, even though it doesn't look like it in the YouTube video. When the door is open, the wind blow the blinds away from the window, and let the sun into the room. When the door is closed, it's fairly dark in there.

"After we have spoken a few minutes about how their day was, I tickle their backs and sing for them. I've tried to read books for them, but they aren't interested in listening to me reading, so I sing instead. I keep tickeling and singing until they are asleep, sometimes it's five minutes and other times it's an hour.

"Leon normally wakes up after an hour or two, and I end up carrying him into my bed, to prevent him from waking up Nathaniel. I tickle and sing for a few minutes again, and Leon is once again asleep. Normally an hour later, Nathaniel wakes up and walks straight into my room. I tuck him in, and leave the room. I really don't mind them sleeping in my bed, I think it's comforting and really nice. I only wish they didn't use 90Slideshow-84591%