What's The Vegetable Most Hated By Children?


Almost three quarters of children in the UK hate eating vegetables - no surprise to any parents currently entrenched in the daily battle of the peas.

But what is surprising is that just one third of the children involved in a recent survey said they don't like the taste of vegetables.

So what is it that's putting them off?

Lots of children reported that it's the texture or smell of vegetables that they dislike, while others said that they feel repulsed by the colour or shape of particular vegetables.

Parents are often advised that the way to get vegetables past the palate of a fussy eater is to disguise them by chopping them up really finely, and 32 per cent of the parents surveyed admitted that they often employ this tactic.

However, it appears that children are the true masters of vegetable espionage as 20 percent of kids frequently hide their veg under other food on their plate to avoid eating it. A further 17 per cent take the traditional approach of slyly palming off their unwanted veggies to the family dog.

The survey, commissioned by pasta sauce brand Ragu, also revealed which vegetables are most commonly loved and loathed by children.

The vegetables children in the UK are most likely to eat are:

Carrots – 42 per cent of children happily enjoy this root vegetable.

Other popular choices include:

Peas, which are happily chowed down by 34 per cent of children, cucumber by 23 per cent, corn by 21 per cent and broccoli by 19 per cent.

The vegetables that very few children will allow to pass their lips are:

Brussel sprouts are the vegetables that parents have the most difficulty getting their kids to eat.

Other vegetables that children will do anything to avoid include: cabbage, spinach, swedes and turnips.

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