14/08/2014 16:49 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Whose Bright Idea Was This? Toys We Can't Believe Were Ever Made

Blast from the past: Mummy-to-Be Doll that was a hit in the Nineties

In today's parenting world, debates rage about whether pink is appropriate for girls. But being a child in the Nineties was much less politically correct.

Take this doll, for example. It's pregnant. Yep. A pregnant doll.

Judith the Mommy To Be doll - which hit toy shelves in 1991 and bore an uncanny resemblance to Barbie - featured a detachable pregnant stomach and a baby inside, which, when the bump was removed, popped out with ease. Just like real life (not!).

In a video for They Actually Made That?, the doll is shown sporting a funky denim-and-stripes maternity outfit and voluminous blonde hair.

Each doll - which could be bought by mail order for $19.95 - is fitted with a detachable bump and a baby inside, whose gender remains a surprise until the 'delivery'.

When the belly is removed, the baby pops out and Judith's empty tummy is instantly replaced with a flat stomach.

According to an advertisement, the toy 'helps your child understand the mystery up new life, while maintaining the magic.' Fans of Judith could also buy her husband - the Father To Be Doll - whose outfit included a bold red sport coat, blue pants and a paisley tie.

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