Would You Wear Jewellery Made From Your Breast Milk?

Would You Wear Jewellery Made From Your Breast Milk?


You can already buy beanie hats for breastfeeding babies and make energy-boosting pills from your placenta, but a company in America is taking post-baby products to a whole new level, by making jewellery from breast milk!

Mommy Milk Creations is selling pendants made from mums' breast milk on Etsy.com, and they are proving a huge hit. So far founder Allicia Mogavero has sold over 250 items.

Allicia turns hardened breast milk into hearts, moons, flowers, stars and even tiny hands, and then adds sparkly gems to the finished product.

Costs range from between $69 to over $100 per piece (around £44 to £65), and according to reports, Allicia can barely keep up with all her orders across the pond.

"I'm a perfectionist and I strive to create the most perfect keepsake that I can," writes Allicia on her Mommy Milk Creations Etsy site.

"I make your breast milk bead pendants and other keepsakes like I would want my own. I take my time doing the absolute best that I can to make your special keepsake as perfect as it can be."

So, would you do it?