Yoga Instructor Has A Gifted Pupil - Her Tiny Bendy Daughter

Laura Kasperzak is the yoga instructor who has wowed Instagram with beautiful pictures of herself striking complex poses alongside her four-year-old daughter (occasionally joined by her eight-year-old son).

Parentdish spoke to Laura, co-founder of Two Fit Moms, about how the mum-and-daughter yoga sessions came about and her unexpected fame on social media.

She reveals that the mum and daughter poses which have captured the imagination of Instagram users were not planned: "She would see me practising and jump onto my mat. She would try to copy the stuff I was doing... When she started photo bombing my pictures, I decided to include her!".

So it must have come as a bit of a surprise to reach 800,000 followers since she joined the site two years ago? Laura says she is 'totally shocked' by how much attention the beautiful snaps have got.

Laura says that her kids took to yoga immediately. "They have a blast and it teaches them from an early age to stay active," she says. Her company also encourages mums to practise the discipline to stay healthy and happy.

The pictures are certainly striking, and yoga is well known for its mental and physical benefits. But what if you just... aren't bendy? Laura reassures doubters that yoga can be for everyone. "Some people are more flexible than others, but I believe anyone can become flexible by keeping a consistent practice."

And talking of the mental benefits of yoga, the underlying philosophy behind the discipline stresses tranquility and inner peace - not something we associate with four-year-olds!

Laura explains that she makes time to practise alone in the mornings, when it's 'calmer'. "When I play with my kids, it's just fun!".

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