Barclays Premier League Comes To New York City With Fleet Of 20 Mini Countryman Cars Via Uber

NBC Sports

NEW YORK -- On Broadway, Wall Street and around Central Park, the emblems of the Barclays Premiere League can be spotted emblazoned on a fleet of very British Mini Countryman cars.

As part of the start of the new season, NBC Sports, which shows every single Premier League Game (you can watch more live football in the US than you can in the UK), have painted 20 cars, one in the colours of each team, which users of the Uber taxi app have the chance to hire.

Football is on a huge high in the US, not least because of the popularity of NBC’s coverage of the English game last season, bolstered a hugely impressive World Cup campaign by the US national team and the arrival of some high profile imports to the MLS, most notably David Villa and Frank Lampard.

If you happen to be in New York this weekend, hop onto the Uber app, enter the promo code BPLonNBC and request a Club Car.

BPL Minis