Spandau Ballet To Perform At Royal Albert Hall, After Premiere Of Documentary 'Soul Boys Of The Western World'

Spandau Boys Sharing The Love At Documentary Premiere

The good news - Spandau Ballet's documentary 'Soul Boys of the Western World' will receive its premiere at London's Royal Albert Hall on Tuesday 30 September.

The better news - the boys (yes, we can still call them that) will be performing on the night, with a promise to play their biggest hits. Altogether now, so true, funny how it seems...

Spandau Ballet proving their indestructability after all these years

AND... This unique event will be beamed by satellite to hundreds of cinemas across the UK and Eire as the band return to the Royal Albert Hall for the first time since the week their golden oldie 'True' was released in April 1983.

Through the years...

Spandau Ballet (pictures: PA)

Spandau Ballet through the years...

The film 'Soul Boys of the Western World' follows the band's journey from their school days in North London, through the dizzy hedonism and success of the 1980s, and beyond, even to London's courtrooms where their feuds were played out over split royalties. How they overcame these resentments and reforged old friendships is just one of the charms of this sweetly nostalgic and personal film.

The band have recently gone back into the studio to write their first studio album in 25 years, with songwriter Gary Kemp sharing photos of the band hard at work, and very happy, it would appear.

Spandau Ballet will be performing at the Royal Albert Hall on Tuesday 30 September - click here for ticket info. Tickets will go on sale on Tuesday 19 August at 9am. The film will be in UK cinemas from 13 October. Watch the trailer above...

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