World's Most Pierced Man Rolf Buchholz Denied Entry To Dubai Over 'Black Magic' Fears

A German man who holds the world record for the most piercings has been denied entry to Dubai.

Rolf Buchholz was on his way to make an appearance at a hotel nightclub when he was turned away.

Rolf Buccholz was denied entry to Dubai on Friday

He says he was then taken to a room full of deportees and put on a flight to Istanbul

The Cirque de Soir nightclub where the 53-year-old was due to appear told the news agency airport authorities cited “security reasons” in denying him entry.

He also complained his luggage has been lost and took to Twitter to vow never to return to the Gulf city.

He tweeted: “On the way back home. Dubai I will never come back!!!”

Buchholz has held the world record for most piercings since August 2010.

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