Health Benefits Of Chocolate: 9 Excuses To Eat More Of It

9 Excuses To Eat More Chocolate

Forget apples, it seems like a square of chocolate a day that could keep the doctor away.

According to the above video, dark chocolate could have a whole load of health benefits.

It is thought dark chocolate is packed with antioxidants which help increase vein and artery flexibility. In fact, research has shown some chocolate has a higher level of antioxidants than fruit juice.

It is also believed chocolate could reduce high cholesterol and the risk of blood clots.

Chocolate may also improve endorphin levels in the brain, suggesting that a few squares really can improve your mood.

There really are a lot of reasons to eat chocolate (as if you needed an excuse anyway).

But don't be chowing down on any old chocolate, look for some with at least 65% cacao - it has the most health benefits.

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