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IKEA Presents 'The Time Travel Experiment', A Glimpse Into The Future Of Your Home

IKEA Want To Show You The Future Of Your Home
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Imagine being given the gift of glimpsing the future of your home.

Your yet-to-be-born daughter's birthday, her first holiday and watching her grow up and meet someone special - wonderful, no?

Well... no. It could all go not quite as you planned.

Your darling first-born could be a spoiled brat and her first boyfriend a didgeridoo-wielding hippy with a penchant for domestic nudity.

Luckily IKEA have given these possibilities some serious thought to come up with bed and bathroom solutions with an added level of attention this year.

IKEA collaborated with world-renowned hypnotist Justin Tranz to help young couples experience their products and solutions, in the future. Tranz, with over 6,000 stage shows in Vegas on his resume, quickly turned the IKEA bedrooms and bathrooms into a stage and passers into a stunned audience.

After putting the couples willing to be hypnotised in trance, a state of sleepwalking where people are more open for suggestion, they were exposed to potential life-changing everyday events in a predicted future everyday life.

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