New York Post's James Foley Front Page Has Seriously Outraged A Lot Of People

Most People Seriously Cannot Believe The New York Post's Front Page On James Foley

Amid appeals from James Foley's family not to watch or distribute images of the freelance reporter's brutal murder at the hands of Isis jihadist, the New York Post put on its front page... a picture of the murder.

The picture of Foley, who worked from Global Post and AFP across the Middle East and had reported from Syria for a number of months before he was abducted in 2012, shows the moment immediately before Foley was beheaded.

Twitter has said it will remove images of a similar kind from its platform, and suspend the accounts of people tweeting them. The service said that it would consider removing images "from when critical injury occurs to the moments before or after death.

The paper, which is known for its controversial front pages, has provoked a storm of criticism from people in America who will see the image in their newsagents and corner shops.

The New York Post's front page is disgusting

— Stephen (@stephenbowes) August 20, 2014


The Independent's i100 sites has responded to the outcry by producing its own version of the front page, using the quotes from Foley's mother Diane.

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