The 10 Items Parents Cherish From Their Child's School Days


As you head out on the annual back to school shopping trip, it can be alarming to think about the vast amount of stuff your children accumulate over their school years.

From carefully crafted cards to prized artworks, drawers quickly fill with mementoes of your child's achievements. But how much of this is just clutter? And which items will you cherish forever?

There are 10 items that mums treasure from their children's school years, according to research commissioned by Clarks to celebrate the Back to School Season.

The survey involved 2,000 mums - but we're sure many of these will also hold a special place in dads' hearts too!

When asked to reflect on their children's time at school, mums were most likely to recall their happiness when receiving their child's first school report, followed by the excitement of the preparation of getting them ready, and buying school shoes (happy!!?).

Not all the memories were quite so joyful, as many mums said the seemingly endless piles of washing formed one of their strongest memories of their child's school days - which is hardly surprising as the survey also revealed that on average a mum will have washed more than 1,400 loads of school uniform (and cleaned school shoes 125 times) during her child's time at school.

She will have also helped with 1,236 hours of homework, made 37 costumes, mended 49 holes in school uniform and nursed 67 grazed knees.

We're exhausted just thinking about it!

Mum's most cherished school day keepsakes

1. Drawings

2. Photographs

3. School work

4. School reports

5. School awards

6. First pair of school shoes

7. Books

8. Their favourite item of clothing

9. Their sketchbook

10. School jumper

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