21/08/2014 16:54 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

8 Beauty Products To Help You Sleep

From drinking cherry juice to yoga postures, there's no shortage of tips and tricks designed to help with sleep. But if double pigeon pose is the last thing you want to do before getting into bed, there's any easier option. It just requires investment in a few brilliant beauty products.

Holistic Silk

Infused with essential oils like calming camomile and vetivert, the "oil of tranquility", these bedtime balms and moisturisers are dual purpose. They relax the mind and the body, but they're nourishing for the skin too.

Best of all, these fragrant products will turn your bathroom or bedroom into a lavender-scented sanctuary.

Jo Malone's Lavender & Lovage candle is great for setting the zen tone and the Elemis Mind Temple Balm does wonders for relieving tension.

Of course, no good beauty sleep would be complete without an eye mask. Look to British brand Holistic Silk for pretty embroidered designs in every colour (they're filled with lavender too.)

Want to get a better night's kip? Catch some Zs with help from more of these beauty buys...

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