No, Facebook Isn't Launching A 'Drugs Task Force'

No, Facebook Isn't Launching A 'Drugs Task Force'

It should come as absolutely no surprise to learn that no, Facebook isn't launching a 'Drugs Task Force' to catch you in the act of taking illegal substances.

The news went viral after it was originally posted by the National Report, a satirical website which posts theoretically funny stories on current affairs.

Having promptly missed the 'satire' element of the story the article was shared over 150,000 times with anxious drug users rushing to Twitter to exclaim their concern over what would surely be their inevitable incarceration.

For those concerned about Facebook tracking them down the article also listed a 24-hour hotline for the 'Task Force', however the number was actually that of the controversial Westboro Baptist Church.

Thankfully the article was eventually spotted as a hoax and normality has slowly started to be restored to social media.


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