Mysterious Green Glow Spotted In The Ocean From Space

Mysterious Green Glow Spotted From Space

Reid Wiseman has posted a stunning image of Bangkok from space which shows a mysterious green glow surrounding the city which ultimately he couldn't explain.

Thankfully Wiseman has built up a pretty massive Twitter following due to his regular pictures and videos so when the picture was posted he got a wave of responses, happy to explain what it was.

Well now NASA has its own official response courtesy of the NASA Earth Observatory which is that the green lights are, in fact, fishing boats.

"@astro_reid was most likely seeing fishing boats, which use bright lamps to draw plankton, squid, and fish to the surface."

This isn't the first time Wiseman has caught the mysterious green glow in the ocean, in fact he's caught on several occasions including time lapse videos and other pictures of the Earth.

It wasn't until he was able to see it up close that he decided to investigate further, and even though the mystery is gone, it's still a stunning picture.


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