Man Creates 'Iron Man' Suit Then Stands Inside Fireworks Display

Man Stands Inside Fireworks Display

Colin Furze has always struck us as a man who perhaps isn't entirely versed in the concept of danger. Many, if not all, of is creations have been in some way incredibly dangerous.

With this in mind it's all the more impressive that Furze has found a way to create something even more dangerous than a wrist-mounted flamethrower or pneumatic hand-claws.

His 'Iron Man' suit is, in itself, not that dangerous. It's more what he's about to do with it once he's climbed inside.

What he's about to do with it is stand in the middle of a full blown fireworks display and -- if the DIY-based gods smile fondly upon him -- come out the other side completely unscathed.

To find out whether his terrifying metal 'pillow suit' actually keeps him alive, check out the video below and while you're at it check out some of his other incredible creations.


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