12 Ways To Make A Low Budget Yet Tasty Dinner

Chris Gramly via Getty Images

Cooking on a budget hardly has the most appealing ring to it - we imagine frozen chunks of whatever-the-hell from Iceland or a dinner that might be fill us up but be low on taste-factor.

But here we must protest and quote king of the budget meals, Jamie Oliver, who has always said that poor communities in other countries have a better grasp of food than we Brits.

He told the Radio Times last year: ”Some of the most inspirational food in the world comes from areas where people are financially challenged.

The flavour comes from a cheap cut of meat or something that’s slow-cooked, or an amazing texture has been made out of leftover stale bread.”

So, go forth and make friends with your slow-cooker and talk to your local butcher about those cheaper cuts of meat. Trust us (or Jamie), the results will be tasty.