This is how the budget might impact your dreams of getting on the housing ladder.
The chancellor called Bury market as the "world-famous Burnley market".
The chancellor is facing questions over whether he really is a low-tax Tory this morning after his budget spending splurge.
“The chancellor gave more money to his banker mates than he did to our children and schools in catch-up funding."
The shadow chancellor was handed a huge moment on the political stage after Keir Starmer tested positive for covid.
The Labour Party is expected to point out that reinstating aid in 2024 effectively confirms the cut for another year.
Boris Johnson and Rishi Sunak are due to visit a brewery on Wednesday – suggesting cuts to alcohol duties are on the cards.
Business minister Paul Scully could not say whether public sector workers will get a pay rise above inflation next year.
Treasury makes another announcement ahead of Wednesday's statement.
The news follows spending cuts to several public sector areas.