Jeremy Hunt Slammed For The 2 Unsavoury Jokes He Made During His Budget

He attacked both Keir Starmer and Ed Davey in his one-hour speech.
Chancellor Jeremy Hunt is facing some heat for making jokes at Davey and Starmer's expense
Chancellor Jeremy Hunt is facing some heat for making jokes at Davey and Starmer's expense
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Jeremy Hunt probably should not have tried to cash in on the jokes at his parliamentary colleagues’ expense today while unveiling his Budget.

During his one-hour speech – widely derided as being pretty uneventful – the chancellor tried to liven things up by taking aim at Labour leader Keir Starmer and Lib Dem leader Ed Davey.

But both jokes only triggered significant backlash on social media, from fellow MPs, political pundits and the general public.

Almost as soon as he began his speech, Hunt took aim at the Liberal Democrat leader, saying he was pleased to see him in the debate chamber “for once”.

However, according to the Liberal Democrats’ deputy leader Daisy Cooper on X (formerly Twitter), Davey was actually caring for disabled son.

Davey has cared for multiple relatives throughout his life including his mother and his grandmother. He has been very open about his life as a carer for his disabled son, John, who has an undiagnosed neurological condition.

He also promised to be the “voice of carers” when he was elected as the Lib Dem leader in 2020.

The Lib Dems’ press team also hit back at Hunt’s comment, pointing out at that Davey was actually campaigning in the chancellor’s own constituency this week after polling suggested their party could get in.

Then, the chancellor attacked the Labour leader by referring to the recent suggestion from a Labour peer Peter Mandelson that Starmer should try to “shed a few pounds”.

Hunt began by saying Mandelson’s “uncharitable” comments reflected how ordinary families would “shed more than a few pounds if that lot get in”, pointing to the opposition.

He then added another dig, saying: “If he [Starmer] wants to join me on my marathon training he’s most welcome.”

Starmer just laughed in response – but people on X were distinctly less impressed.

As you can imagine, this all left plenty of people on X pretty uncomfortable.


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