How Much Do You Really Know About Sex Toys? (Probably Not A Lot, If This Survey Is Anything To Go By)

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When it comes to sex, Brits have a reputation for being rather prudish. As a result there's a fair amount of - ahem - misinformation going on regarding the birds and the bees.

While some people are using cling film or latex gloves as alternative methods of contraception, a recent survey found that almost half of Brits believe you can clean sex toys in the dishwasher.

Yes, really.

The findings, which form part of Ann Summers' Great British Sex Toy survey, polled more than 4,700 respondents and revealed quite a few misconceptions.

For example, 70% believe you can get addicted to your sex toy, while 33% believe that lubricants double up as a contraceptive.

Unsurprisingly, half of Brits (53%) admit that they still have more to learn about sex toys.

But, while respondents may not be clued up, at least they have imagination.

When asked what type of sex toys they regularly use, 45% admitted they have used an ‘alternative’ method when it comes to self pleasure.

Of these, 52% said they’ve used a vegetable as an alternative sex toy, 20% home appliance, 10% have used a kitchen utensil and 8% admit to using a candle at any one time instead of a certified, licensed sex toy.

Back to sex toy school then...