23/08/2014 12:02 BST | Updated 23/08/2014 12:59 BST

Cyclist In Poland Is Captured On Video Having A Really Unlucky Day

This footage taken from a bus in Poland shows a cyclist having a really rubbish run of bad luck.

The poor man can be seen driving through a large puddle, into a pothole, before unceremoniously landing face first in a pool of muddy water.

The unfortunate cyclist, who appears to be unhurt, heroically gets to his feet, picks up what appears to be his drenched phone and waves his arms at the bus in an apparent sign of resignation.

The rather tragic incident brings to mind the amateur cyclist Matt Adams, who suffered the most epic fall since Icarus when competing in the London Revolution.

Lycra-clad Adams' simply majestic, slow-motion faceplant on Box Hill has made him into an internet superstar.

Glorious like a Tour de France champion, Adams’s magnificent victory stance was abruptly cut short after he was thrown face-first into a grassy verge.

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