'Alien Saucer Craft' Spotted On Back Of Truck In Cornwall

'UFO' Spotted On The Back Of A Truck In Cornwall

A UFO has been discovered flying, through Cornwall, on the back of a truck.

So not really flying then. Let's call it a "UO". Or possibly "UDOABTA" (Unexplained Driving Object Accompanied By The Authorities).

Anyway, the large, round, apparently metal object was spotted by a YouTube user and uploaded to the web recently, and lingered in obscurity until it was picked up by conspiracy theory websites.

One enthusiastically labelled it an "alien saucer craft" and said:

"The shape and size are perfect for being a crashed UFO or even a new military disk. This is amazing footing and I only wish the person continued to follow them so that we can see where they were going. Perhaps a military base nearby."

On the YouTube page itself a few others suggested that it might indeed be an alien craft.

Others suggested - more accurately we presume - that was either a large reservoir intended to be buried below a petrol station or as a septic tank, or else some kind of turbine.

Truth is, though, we don't actually know was it is. And until we do, technically it is unidentified.

Do you know what it is? Let us know below.


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