Angel Di María: British Transfer Record Fees' History

The £59.7 million Manchester United have paid Real Madrid for Ángel di María will finally end Fernando Torres' forgettable stint as the most expensive player in British football. Gareth Bale has moved to Real Madrid for a world record fee in that time, but the £50m fee Liverpool received from Chelsea has weighed heavily on Torres, who has become the punch-line for countless jokes over the last three-and-a-half years.

Di María's arrival will mark the sixth time United have broken the record for a fee paid by a British club, dating all the way back to Denis Law's return to the UK from Torino in 1962. The Scottish striker cost a mere £115,000.

The fascination with transfer fees has intensified since Trevor Francis became England's first seven-figure man, with his move to Nottingham Forest overseen by Brian Clough wielding a squash racquet.

Here, over the last 20 years, are the most expensive footballers in Britain...

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