Dynamo's Shard Levitation Stunt Slammed By People Who Don't Understand Humans Can't Actually Fly

Dynamo's Latest Magic Trick Has Sparked A Very Bizarre Argument...

Spectacular pictures emerged this morning of the magician Dynamo floating above Europe’s tallest building.

For his latest eye-catching stunt, Dynamo, whose real name is Steven Frayne, was snapped 1,016ft above the ground at the top of The Shard, in central London.

Dynamo at The Shard

But no sooner had the images been uploaded on the web then an army of keyboard warriors took to Twitter criticise the trick.

The 31-year-old magician was blasted on the social media site with many complaining that "you can literally see the wires."

It is unknown if the critics believe humans can actually fly, but many bizarrely claimed Dynamo was "cheating" for not using superhuman powers.

Frayne, who filmed the stunt in London yesterday ahead of the new series of his television show, tweeted a stunning picture of the clouds apparently at the scene along with a message "the view is great up here #lookup".

Others saw the funny side:

Dynamo stunt at The Shard

Dynamo's other jaw-dropping tricks include levitating next to a red London bus as he passed the House of Parliament and walking ‘on water’ across the river Thames.


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