Bird Poos On Girl's Ice Cream. Girl Licks Ice Cream. That Is All You Need To Know.

Bird Poos On Girl's Ice Cream. Girl Licks Ice Cream.

From losing your luggage to getting sunburn, there are a whole host of things that can go wrong on holiday. That said, we've never heard of a getaway being ruined by bird poo - until now.

Such was the unfortunate experience of Julie Bresnan, who was dutifully sending a video message to her father back in Ireland.

As she turned to admire the beach behind her a turd dropped from the overhanging tree and landed on her ice cream. And then, she did the unthinkable... and licked it.

It wasn't until the bird opened its gut and shat all over her head that she realised she'd eaten poo. Utterly disgusting.

Of course, she could have been warned. Whoever was filming - her boyfriend or friend - allowed her to lick the bird poo from the ice cream. Instead of warning her he choose to snigger from behind the camera. We hope he gets his comeuppance.

Still, getting crapped on by a bird is supposed to be good luck. Fingers crossed she has a change of fortune.


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