Breastfeeding Clothes: Dresses And Tops

mother breast feeding her infant
mother breast feeding her infant

While breastfeeding offers myriad physical and emotional benefits for mums and babies alike, finding breastfeeding clothes that are stylish, comfortable, flattering and discreet can be tricky. Especially considering nursing mothers need multi-tasking dresses and tops that can take them from work to weekend (and any formal occasions in between).

"Before you hit the shops it's worth exploring your maternity purchases, as you may already have more nursing clothes than you think," advises Séraphine founder Cecile Reinaud. "Many of our maternity styles adapt perfectly for nursing and to a post-pregnancy body shape."

While you don't want to shell out on a whole new nursing wardrobe, especially if you don't know how long you plan to breastfeed for, investing in a few key dresses or tops designed for nursing will help ease your post-pregnancy journey (and make breastfeeding discreetly a lot simpler).

When it comes to breastfeeding clothes, Reinaud recommends choosing comfortable, loose-fitting tops (which look great teamed with skinny jeans) for everyday, and an A-line dress - which won't cling but will draw attention to your legs - for more elegant occasions.

"There are plenty of nursing options out there, from crossover V-necklines to the traditional wrap dress, to more elaborate secret hidden panels – it's all about finding what works best for you," she says.

Other tips from the pro when it comes to chic breastfeeding style? "Bright and cheerful colours will help to counteract the effects of those sleepless nights - a splash of bright fuchsia or cobalt blue will always work to give you an instantly rosier complexion."

Reinaud also advises breastfeeding mums to choose their fabrics carefully for both comfort and ease of cleaning (between baby drool and milk stains, you will be washing these clothes often!).

And just because you're nursing doesn't mean you shouldn't accessorise - pack a large, stylish scarf in your nappy bag, advises Reinaud.

"It can be used as a discreet breastfeeding cover, and is a great way to disguise that little bit of extra weight that you may still be carrying at the front."

Check out our favourite picks of comfy and chic breastfeeding tops and dresses in the slideshow below.