Man Builds His Own Iron Man Suit, It Actually Works

'Iron Man' Suit Lets This Guy Lift 170lbs Like It's Nothing

One of our greatest weaknesses as a species is our strength, or lack thereof. It's the reason that both huge engineering companies and amateurs alike are spending countless hours researching the concept behind building a real-life 'Iron Man' suit.

Well YouTube user 'the Hacksmith' has taken his ideas one step further than most and actually built himself an exoskeleton that works.

Getting the idea from the film 'Elysium' he was able to create a rough schematic and then work from there using pneumatic pumps as the driving force behind his artificial strength.

While it's not as fluid as the suit Matt Damon wears in Elysium there are some significant advantages, the first being that it doesn't have to be drilled onto his body.

It's a long way from the chrome-covered 'Iron Man' suit but considering he was able to create one in his shed, it speaks volumes for how close we are to creating a fully-functioning exoskeleton.


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