Celebrity Nude Photo Scandals: 26 Naked Stars Who Have Been Caught Out On Camera (PICS)

26 Celebrity Nude Photo Scandals (PICS)

These days, you haven't truly made it in showbiz land unless you've been at the centre of a nude photo or video scandal.

In fact, there are certain celebs out there who didn't even have a 'career' until pictures of them in the buff were made public property (yes, we're talking to you Kim Kardashian).

And some stars have seen their stock soar after leaked photos and videos made it into the public domain - not that they had anything to do with it of course (ahem).

Everyone from Christina Aguilera and Paris Hilton to Chris Brown and Brad Pitt have ended up showing off a lot more than they (probably) bargained for over the years and they're not the only ones...


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