01/09/2014 06:35 BST | Updated 01/09/2014 06:59 BST

Surface Pro 3 Sold Out Across UK Stores

Microsoft's new 'laptop killer' Surface Pro 3 tablet is an objectively great piece of kit - and now it turns out it might be at least a minor hit in the UK.

Since going on sale last Thursday, the hybrid computer has sold out in stores across the country - and many are struggling to keep up with demand.

Though if you look into the evidence, it appears that may be due to low initial stock more than crowds of stylus-approving techies ploughing into PC World en masse.

Curry's -- perhaps boosted by their very nice £100-off offer on laptops -- is currently showing almost every configuration of the machine as out of stock and unavailable for delivery:

Meanwhile Argos is also listing the one configuration it carries online - the 64GB i3 config - as out of stock.

On Twitter many users are growing frustrated that the computer is unavailable for easy purchase in stores:

However, there is salvation if you want it. A quick call to John Lewis's Oxford Street Store shows that the flagship home of the SP3 (it hosted the official launch event) has 90 units of the £849 i5 Surface Pro 3 alone. So there's that.

You can also order one online from the Microsoft Store -- though the Blue Type Cover is curiously absent, since that too seems to be in hot demand.

Microsoft told HuffPost in a statement that it was pleased - but not overwhelmed - by the response:

"People’s response to Surface pro 3 has been positive. Our primary goal is and will remain to get Surface into the hands of all productive people who want a tablet that matches their unique productivity needs. For those eager to buy, we recommend they go to JLP, Dixons and Argos."

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