Tube Terror Attack Rumours Confirmed As Hoax, People Freak Out Anyway

14 People Genuinely Worried About The Tube Terror Attack Hoax

It was probably inevitable - the government raises the terrorist threat level so some silly sod starts a rumour of imminent attack on the London Underground.

A message circulating via text and messenger services over the weekend said: "They [the police] think there's a terror threat and that it will happen on the tubes tomorrow around the west end area.

"Every single police officer in the met has been called into work from 4am onwards, even people on holiday are being told to catch the next flight home. So don't go travelling on tubes!! It's better to be safe than sorry. Please share."

The police were on hand to quell the rumours...

And just in case you weren't clued up on how the average terrorist cell operates...

But that still wasn't enough to stop people freaking out. For poor Pierre it sparked a questioning of all he had(n't) achieved in life.

This just sounds like an excuse for a day off.

Dan was pretty worried.

Please don't let them win.

This fella was more resolute.

It's always a good day when you can report this.

Silver linings and all that.

When the threat of death is a better alternative to exercise.

Don't worry, at College they'll teach you the difference between fact and reality.


Wait hang on, you know it's a hoax and you're still too scared to sleep?!

Again, wut?

Good for you Squibby! Although there are definitely more spiders than terrorists on the Tube...

Oh no, they've won...


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